Brownells – Butler Creek Uplula Universal Magazine Loader

Date August 23, 2011

I recently purchased a Glock G19 9mm Gen 4 and discovered firsthand the kind of damage manual loading a 15 round mag can inflict on your fingers (especially the thumb). On my first trip to the range with the G19, I found myself manually loading the 15 round mag through 300 rounds. Two days later my thumb is still reminding me there must be a better way.

Well, unfortunately I discovered only after punishing several fingers through 300 rounds that my G19 came with a Speedloader that does make the job easier (see video). Kudos to Glock for including the speedloader but there looks to be an even better solution.

I have my eyes on the Butler Creek Uplula Universal Magazine Loader

You can get one at Amazon or Brownells. See the following video for more details.

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