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Steve Fisher on Legion Firearms

Date June 22, 2012

Steve Fisher of Magpul Dynamics gives a rundown on his Legion Firearms LF-15d with Hex Cut Barrel, slim rail, nickle-boron BCG and other high end components along with strict quality control. A well made, good shooting rifle Legion Firearms LLC is a Texas rifle manufacturer that employs an innovative way to produce and sell high […]

The ‘MAG Wallet’ from Fight and Flight Tactical

Date June 14, 2012

How many times have you put some pistol mags in your back pocket or in a cargo pocket just to get annoyed at how they move around. I know it’s true for me. Maybe you just want an alternative to something attached to your belt. Well, the folks at Fight and Flight Tactical (FB: https://www.facebook.com/FightAndFlightTactical) have come […]

Exclusive Interview with Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics: Kalashnikov DIY Tips and a First Look at their Production AKs

Date May 30, 2012

The folks at ITS Tactical have an exclusive interview with Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics on the Kalashnikov. View the video and read the article.

ATAC TV: Handgun Fail to Fire Malfunction

Date April 20, 2012

ATAC TV: Firearm Video How to Clear a Failure to Fire Malfunction. It can and will happen to the best firearms. A bad cartridge, a round was not chambered etc. The goal is to get the gun operational as fast as possible.  

Action Target Discount Codes

Date April 19, 2012

Action Target is one of the best steel target producers in the industry. Check out this video and pay special attention to the discount codes. Also of interest is the following article at Action Target “PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT (PART 1)“

Vickers Tactical Glock Baseplates

Date April 13, 2012

Vickers Tactical Glock Baseplates as seen at GearScout and Soldier Systems. Manufactured by TangoDown for Vickers Tactical these replace the factory magazine baseplate and give you a lip to help strip the mag away if it hangs up. They come in packs of 5 which dovetails right in with LAV’s advice, “A good rule of thumb […]

High Capacity Drum Magazine for .308 from XS-Products — XS-25

Date April 10, 2012

XS-Products is home to the most durable .308 and .223 High Capacity Magazines on the planet. Built to last a lifetime, built for real world durability, and built for practicality. Their line of magazines covers the most used and proven weapon systems on the planet. This includes the Heckler and Koch 91, 11, 21e and […]

Silencerco’s 1st Annual Silencers Are Legal Shoot — April 28 in Dallas, Texas.

Date February 23, 2012

GET YOUR TICKETS HERE AND NOW! Come support the silencer industry and invite friends to learn about silencers including: uses, benefits, and how to purchase silencers. This live fire event (April 28 in Dallas, Texas.) will surely be the year’s most exciting gun show. Conveniently located in the heart of Dallas, Texas at Elm Fork Shooting range, one of […]

Brownells – Butler Creek Uplula Universal Magazine Loader

Date August 23, 2011

I recently purchased a Glock G19 9mm Gen 4 and discovered firsthand the kind of damage manual loading a 15 round mag can inflict on your fingers (especially the thumb). On my first trip to the range with the G19, I found myself manually loading the 15 round mag through 300 rounds. Two days later […]