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Don’t Tread On Me — Gadsden Flag

Date September 22, 2011

Since colonial days, the rattlesnake has been used to portray the spirit of Americans. In 1774, Colonel Gadsden emphasized this by printing the legend “DONT TREAD ON ME” on his flag. The words swept the nation. The Culpeper Minutemen raised another defiant fist at the enemy by adding “LIBERTY OR DEATH” to Gadsden’s flag. The […]

Irish Setter RutMaster 17″ 1,200-gram Rubber Boots (by Red Wing Shoes)

Date September 9, 2011

Irish Setter RutMaster 17″ 1,200-gram Rubber Boots ExoFlex expands when putting them on Once on, they contract for snug, high-performance fit Aggressive Mud Claw rocker outsoles The future of rubber hunting boots, RutMaster’s durable, scent-free, all-rubber construction features ExoFlex technology for smooth on/off. ExoFlex panels hug tight to the ankles for an optimum fit and […]

2-Day Labor Day Sale At SportsAuthority.com

Date September 2, 2011

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Date September 1, 2011

Rush Delivery Messenger Bag works wonders for public safety employees

Date September 1, 2011

Police officers and emergency responders are constantly prowling for bags that can help them transport essential items from place to place, whether on the job or on the way to work. The 5.11 Tactical Rush Delivery Messenger Bag is ideal for public safety employees who need a reliable and durable bag that can make heavy […]

First Lite High Performance Merino Wool

Date August 24, 2011

First Lite’s Merino Wool under layer is specifically designed for hunting providing excellent scent control and the latest camouflage patterns. Merino wool fibers are some of the finest found in nature. It is the tiny diameter of the fibers that allows it to be worn directly next to your skin without any irritation or itch. Merino wool comes […]

Brownells – Butler Creek Uplula Universal Magazine Loader

Date August 23, 2011

I recently purchased a Glock G19 9mm Gen 4 and discovered firsthand the kind of damage manual loading a 15 round mag can inflict on your fingers (especially the thumb). On my first trip to the range with the G19, I found myself manually loading the 15 round mag through 300 rounds. Two days later […]

Find all the top Tactical Brands at Uscavalry.com

Date August 22, 2011

Shop some of the top names in Tactical Gear here: Condor, Magpul, Camelbak, Under Armour, Tru-Spec, Propper, 5.11 Tactical, Magnum, S.O. Tech, Cold Steel, Pelican, SealLine, Blackhawk and many more. U.S. Cavalry’s customer service is top notch so check them out when considering your next purchase.