Javran: USA-made gear that looks good!

Date July 3, 2012

Our friends at Javran.com have some of the best gear out there and it’s all made in the USA. Gotta love a company making gear right here in the good old USA.

About Javran: In the owners words

Javran™ began from my quest to find that elusive ‘perfect’ camera bag. I wanted it to function perfectly, and look good doing it. Needless to say, I couldn’t find it. Being the DIY enthusiast that I am, I obtained the tools and materials to make my own and dug right in, learning much along the way. It wasn’t long before others started requesting custom gear, and I obliged. Now Javran™ makes softgoods for photographers, soldiers, pet lovers, and anyone else who desires quality, ultra-durable, USA-made gear that looks good!

Here’s a look at the Javran signature logo patch. See them all here.

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