Russian Roulette Clothing — Tactical Response T-Shirt

Date June 5, 2013

Russian Roulette Clothing — Tactical Response T-Shirt

Russian Roulette Clothing is a company started by a husband and wife team back in 2008. They have some interesting designs and their latest is a Russian Roulette Clothing / James Yeager collaboration.

This black shirt has the famous tag line “Your responsibility to be ready for the fight never ends” on the back. Created for James Yeager of Tactical Response.

Bravo Concealment — RTT Holster

Date May 20, 2013

I recently picked up the ‘RTT Holster’ from Bravo Concealment and wanted to share my thoughts on the holster.

Let’s start with customer service. I’ve got to say, Bravo Concealment has the best customer service on the planet. If you have questions before, during, or after you get your holster they are there for you.

The fit and finish on Bravo holsters are stellar. I was very impressed with the quality and attention to detail that was evident in the holster I received. My holster was free of sharp edges and rough spots throughout.

Not to be disappointed, function follows fit and finish with everything Bravo makes. My holster was for a Glock 17 and the retention was excellent. My Glock clicked into the holster and stayed in place until I wanted it out. That’s what you want in a holster. The ‘RTT Holster’ is designed primarily as an OWB holster and that’s how I use it. Given the way the holster curves around the body and the way the belt loops pull the holster close in, the holster conceals quite well. Options are available for IWB use if you’re interested.

I’ve run the Bravo Concealment ‘RTT Holster’ through two handgun classes and use it for concealed carry on a daily basis and I couldn’t be happier with how it performs. Having purchased my holster for the Glock 17, I actually got a bonus feature in the since that the holster also works very well with the Glock 19 & 26.

For all the specs and options on the ‘RTT Holster’, make your way here.

As a side note, I also purchased Bravo’s ‘Slant Cut Double Mag Pouch’. It should be no suprise  fit, finish and function were top notch.

If your in the market for some kydex gear you need to make you’re way over to Bravo Concealment now.

TacStrike 1/4 Scale Steel Target System

Date May 20, 2013

I’ve yet to get my hands on one, but if you want a steel target system that is top notch, look no further than TacStrike. Rob at TacStrike will take good care of you.

My eye is on the TacStrike 1/4 Scale Steel Target System. Here’s the low down.

The TacStrike 1/4 Scale Steel Target System

The TacStrike 1/4 Scale Steel Target System was not designed for the occasional use in a backyard or weekend match. It was designed for Firearms Instructors who are responsible for training thousands of shooters every year and need a Target Line that will stand up to the hundreds of thousands of rounds that will be sent downrange. This means that the average shooter will have their Quarter Scale Steel Target System for a lifetime of use.

TacStrike’s 1/4 Scale Steel Target System was designed over years of training shooters at one of the nations most notarized shooting schools. Pat Goodale and PFT Team Members have coordinated for more than a decade to design the most functional target design on the market. Now on its 6th generation the PFT has reached the pinacle of function and durability.

The AR 500 (brinell hardness of at least 495) plate floats inside of the carrier allowing it to absorb the impact without the need to swing to the rear or rock in the carrier to absorb the bullet impact.

The Upright mounts into the base plates center 2×2 pocket and has an armor plate attached to the front of the post to keep those low rounds from damaging the post.

The base of this target system also holds 1×2 or 2×2 uprights at the right distance apart for a standard IPSC or IPDA target. So there is no longer a need to take multiple bases to the range or redesign your target line if you are the owner of a range. Simply pick the upright and plate out of the base and replace with uprights in the outer pockets. Tension screws are located on the outer pockets to lock in either size wooden upright you are using. Drain holes in the pockets and stake holes in the base arms are also pre-cut for your convienance.

•  Height – 54 inches
•  Weight – 52 pounds
•  Base Width – 22 inches
•  Plate Size – 18 inches x 9.5 inches
•  Ballistic Capability – Rimfire to Centerfire Rifle and Lead Shotgun Loads and Slugs (no steel shot)

Handgun 2 with Stephen Pineau @ 21st Century Gunfighter, LLC.

Date March 5, 2013

I recently spent a couple of hours with Stephen Pineau taking photos at his Handgun 2 class. Stephen is an excelent instructor and I learned a good bit just listening to him while I was capturing the event with my camera.

You can catch a sampling of the class photos here:

Go to 21st Century Gunfighter’s event page to see what Stephen has coming up. Take one of his classes and you won’t regret it.


A Fist Look at Jedburgh Target Systems

Date December 20, 2012

Jedburgh Target Systems may very well have the most innovative firearms target systems available on the market today. Watch Rob Pincus talk to Scott Watson (target system designer) about the system.


“Banshee” IWB Holster from Wright Leather Works

Date December 7, 2012

I have been looking for a confortable IWB Holster for some time now and I think I’ve found what I’m looking for. Wright Leather Works has come out with the “Banshee” IWB Holster and I am looking to get one in soon for a review.

Until we can provide our own review you can see what Phil Morden from Top Shot Season 3 had to say in his review.


Suunto Core Black Military @ Linton Outdoors

Date July 27, 2012

I would imagine most of my readers here at Gear Thread know about Suunto and the quality product they produce.

That being said, you might just be shopping around for a Suunto Watch. If you are, I would suggest you get it from my friends at Linton Outdoors. Shipping is free on any order over $100.

Personally, I’m partial to the Suunto Core Black Military but Linton Outdoors has a number of Suunto Watches to choose from.

I personally know the owners at Linton Outdoors and they are knowledgeable about the gear they sell and they are great to work with.


Javran: USA-made gear that looks good!

Date July 3, 2012

Our friends at have some of the best gear out there and it’s all made in the USA. Gotta love a company making gear right here in the good old USA.

About Javran: In the owners words

Javran™ began from my quest to find that elusive ‘perfect’ camera bag. I wanted it to function perfectly, and look good doing it. Needless to say, I couldn’t find it. Being the DIY enthusiast that I am, I obtained the tools and materials to make my own and dug right in, learning much along the way. It wasn’t long before others started requesting custom gear, and I obliged. Now Javran™ makes softgoods for photographers, soldiers, pet lovers, and anyone else who desires quality, ultra-durable, USA-made gear that looks good!

Here’s a look at the Javran signature logo patch. See them all here.

Steve Fisher on Legion Firearms

Date June 22, 2012

Steve Fisher of Magpul Dynamics gives a rundown on his Legion Firearms LF-15d with Hex Cut Barrel, slim rail, nickle-boron BCG and other high end components along with strict quality control. A well made, good shooting rifle

Legion Firearms LLC is a Texas rifle manufacturer that employs an innovative way to produce and sell high quality, highly accurate, and easy to maintain AR-15 rifles for the growing military, law enforcement and civilian markets.

The following video comes from the folks at GunWebsites.

Kifaru’s Megatarp

Date June 22, 2012

Kifaru’s Megatarp…Available for order this coming Monday. Find out more here.

The Megatarp will have one sewn in entry and the other will except the Annex. The reason for this configuration was to make it more versatile for year round use. In the summer and early fall the sewn in door can be opened completely and the Annex left at home (for increased air/wind flow). This will still give you a large amount of room that will be completely protected from the elements, but an open end to glass out of when pitched in the right place.