The ‘MAG Wallet’ from Fight and Flight Tactical

Date June 14, 2012

How many times have you put some pistol mags in your back pocket or in a cargo pocket just to get annoyed at how they move around. I know it’s true for me. Maybe you just want an alternative to something attached to your belt.

Well, the folks at Fight and Flight Tactical (FB: have come up with a solution to this problem and its called the “MAG Wallet“.

The MAG Wallet discreetly holds two pistol magazines in your back pocket, or in a medium sized cargo pocket, leaving the floorplates of the mags just below the top of the pocket. The MAG Wallet’s upper edges are bound with semi-rigid webbing, allowing for smooth draw and easy insertion, while still providing some retention. The outside is lined with Slip-Not fabric to help keep it in your pocket, and a layer of 1/32” HDPE plastic prevents the mags from painfully digging into your butt. A loop of webbing on the back assists in removing the MAG Wallet from the pocket.
Dimensions: 5” x 6” x .5”

The MAG Wallet comes in 4 different configurations:

  • Single Stack – fits 1911 mags
  • Double Stack – M9 (Beretta 92F), Sig P226, Springfield XD (9mm & .40cal)
  • Double Stack – Glock – All full sized 9mm & .40 cal
  • Double Stack – Glock – All full-sized 10mm & .45 cal

Morale Patch: Impact Weapons Components Logo Patch

Date June 12, 2012

Impact Weapons Components has just released their logo on a durable, PVC Velcro-backed Morale Patch.

The 1.5″ diameter round Patch fits anywhere and the details are crisp. Use this link to order and add this to your patch collection today!

About IWC

Impact Weapons Components, LLC (IWC) designs, tests, refines and manufactures MOUNT-N-SLOT™ brand Direct Attach Mounts for slings, firearms, hand guards, and buttstocks with 1913 MIL-Spec Rails, slots or holes incorporated into their design.

We are a Colorado, USA company, owned and operated by experienced businessmen and craftsmen who are also shooters and outdoorsmen. We are Americans who stand up for our God-given rights under the Second Amendment and who use and shoot the products we sell.

Founded in 2010 on our commitment to deliver products of the highest quality, at a competitive price, which are made functional and reliable by simple, innovative designs.

Products made by Americans who vote, live, work, climb, snowboard, fish, hunt, shoot and train in Colorado.

MADE IN USA: IWC believes in the American worker and supports them by purchasing materials and components from suppliers who are American owned and operated. IWCs product line contains aluminum, stainless steel, plating, anodizing, tools and packaging made by Americans who work for our American-owned suppliers.


Instead, QUALITY is built into everything we do, by every Associate and Supplier, because we know our customers demand this. We build QUALITY into every step in our process; starting when you open our website to when you open our custom package containing the products you purchased.

QUALITY begins with our design concepts and continues for years to come as you enjoy our innovative, PATENT PENDING Direct Attach Mounts on your sling and firearm. Your experience with Impact Weapons Components begins as you connect with our cutting edge web interface powered by Python and D’Jango, designed to bring you the one-stop shopping solution you deserve. We are constantly responding to changes in technology, trends and most importantly, feedback from you in order to improve your experience with IWC.

QUALITY is in the simplistic, functional and reliable products we design, prototype, use, evaluate, refine and manufacture using state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing equipment operated by highly skilled and trained Americans right here in Colorado.

QUALITY is in the innovative, visually informative and STEALTHY direct mail packaging designed and printed by Warneke Paper Box Company, a family owned, third generation manufacturer located in Denver. Colorado.

QUALITY is guaranteed because each IWC Associate in Sales, Marketing, Finance, Procurement, Manufacturing, Assembly and Shipping care about our reputation and maintaining that with you, our customer, thereby guaranteeing that you receive the products you ordered, as we promised, on time.

100% Money Back Guarantee. Period. We guarantee all of the products we manufacture. If you are not 100% satisfied with any product manufactured by Impact Weapons Components, for as long as you own them, contact us and we will resolve the problem quickly to your satisfaction, including providing a full refund of the cost of IWC’s product and your shipping charges.

HELP US KEEP AMERICANS WORKING: Impact Weapons Components cares about our American way of life. We care about our Associates, our Suppliers and their families and livelihoods.

WE CARE ABOUT YOU, OUR CUSTOMER. Because without you, who spend a portion of your hard earned paycheck to purchase our products, we would not be here.

WE WANT YOUR: Comments and Suggestions. Seriously, we do. Please email us at:

With your valuable feedback, we will improve our products and our company, so we can offer you, our customer, more innovative products at the best prices, so we in turn can continue to invest in our Associates, our American Suppliers and our Country.

Sage Dynamics Swag

Date June 6, 2012

We just received some Swag from Sage Dynamics.

Sage Dynamics offers a wide variety of training solutions for Law Enforcement, Military and Private Security designed to provide actionable skills from the fundamental to expert level. With training courses founded on the science and reality of small and large scale conflict, Sage Dynamics provides solutions to current and emerging threats faced by professionals the world over.

Sage Dynamics also offers courses that are intended for the private citizen, utilizing training techniques that are purposefully suited for personal protection and the defense of others. From basic safety to advanced weapons manipulation skills, Sage Dynamics instructs in practical and effective methods for confronting threats in and out of the home.

One Handed Tourniquet Application with the SOF Tactical Tourniquet

Date May 30, 2012

From Tactical Medical Solutions, the following video shows several techniques for applying a tourniquet with one hand.

You can get the SOF Tactical Tourniquet — Wide from our friends at ITS Tactical.

Exclusive Interview with Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics: Kalashnikov DIY Tips and a First Look at their Production AKs

Date May 30, 2012

The folks at ITS Tactical have an exclusive interview with Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics on the Kalashnikov. View the video and read the article.

CrossFit Equipment: Brute Force Sandbag (Update)

Date May 30, 2012

Sandbags from Brute Force Sandbags are on their way. Time for a workout. Come back soon and we will have a review. That being said, I have done my research and it looks like Brute Force Sandbags has the goods.

I have two ATHLETE™ 10-70 LB (31.8 kg) MEDIUM KIT and one STRONGMAN™ 50-120 LB (54.5 kg) LARGE KIT coming tomorrow.


CrossFit Equipment: Brute Force Sandbag

Date May 23, 2012

I am about to pull the plug on an order for some sandbags from Brute Force Sandbags. Come back soon and we will have a review. That being said, I have done my research and it looks like Brute Force Sandbags has the goods.

I plan to get at least one ATHLETE™ 10-70 LB (31.8 kg) MEDIUM KIT and one STRONGMAN™ 50-120 LB (54.5 kg) LARGE KIT


CrossFit Equipment: How to Build a Plyometric Box

Date May 22, 2012

I am behind the curve some when it comes to what’s going on in the training and fitness world. All I know is I don’t want to pay to get fit so why not build the needed gear yourself.

That said, I found a really good article on how to build your own plyometric box at


Interview with Sonny Junell of Western Targets

Date May 21, 2012

I had the opportunity to interview Sonny Junell of Western Targets and we discussed the steel targets he manufactures. Check them out.



Great Article on Defensive Light Use at ITS Tactical

Date May 17, 2012

The Practical Guide to Everyday Carry Gear: Defensive Light Use