Magpul Dynamics – Art of the Dynamic Handgun

Date November 2, 2011

The Magpul Dynamics “The Art of the Dynamic Handgun” 4-Disc DVD Set is a 4-disc DVD set featuring over seven hours of actual live fire class instruction and additional instructional material. Using a diverse group of beginner, intermediate, and advanced students, instructors Travis Haley and Chris Costa guide the class from the fundamentals of handgun operation, to problem solving, and through complex real-life scenarios. This progression from basic to advanced weapon manipulation pushes students of all skill levels to their failure points, illustrating how even the best shooters can advance and excel.

Tweet from Mark Driscoll quoting Clint Eastwood on Gun Control

Date November 2, 2011

Mark Driscoll @PastorMark Mark Driscoll “I have a very strict gun control policy: if there’s a gun around, I want to be in control of it.” Clint Eastwood

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The AK Ti APOCALYSPORK — The best Titanium Spork I’ve seen yet!

Date November 1, 2011

The AK Ti APOCALYSPORK is forged out of 6AL4V medical grade titanium, handcrafted by a real human being, on handmade dies, right here in the good ol’ USA. And all Ti is sourced from USA made military and aerospace scrap, so they’re green, too!

Boy would I love to own one or more of these.

Survival Preparation in Small Spaces: How to Grow and Store in the Space You Have

Date November 1, 2011

Will you be prepared if a disaster strikes where you live? Based on the statistics, the answer is no. Many of you simply will not be ready should a disaster come your way.

This article helps you do just that; prepare for the worst while you hope for the best.

The following is an excerpt from the article. Read the complete post here.

…when I talk to many people who live in the city and live either with minimal land and perhaps apartments, they do not seem prepared or not as prepared as they could be. When I ask if they store or grow any food, they just sort of look at me. When I tell them they should either grow some food or store food not only in case of natural disaster, but even due to inflation and rising prices, the looks become bewildered. They’ll say that they have no place to grow or store food or they may even act as if that is not important to them. But, in this time and day, everyone should prepare some food and essentials.

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Promo with Jetboil Flash Cooking System (Emergency 72-Hour Cook Kit)

Date October 28, 2011

Jetboil Flash Cooking System — Emergency 72-Hour Cook Kit

Emergency Water Storage — Stackable 5-Gallon Water Container

Date October 26, 2011

Stackable 5-Gallon Water Container

Storing emergency water just got a little bit easier! Water is the most important element of survival yet if you are attempting to store a water supply for your family in gallon-sized jugs you may be tempted to skimp on the amount you store in order to have more space. Plus, the plastic on water jugs is thin, flimsy, and easily pierced which makes them impractical to store for a natural disaster situation. These 5-gallon water containers are made from a sturdy 100% food-grade plastic (BPA free too) meaning they will hold up during an emergency. The opaque material prevents bacterial growth so you won’t need to scrub the container every month in order to retain a clean water supply and because they are stackable, these water containers don’t take up a lot of floor space, giving you room for other emergency supplies.

Natural disasters and contaminated public water supplies can happen quickly–often without any warning. When this happens, grocery store bottled water sells out almost immediately. Your body loses on average 2.5 liters of water everyday, but can handle only a loss of about 10-22% of its water weight before it becomes fatal. Don’t leave your family’s health to chance—5-gallon stackable water containers are easy to use and inexpensive so there is no excuse not to have clean water at the ready in your family’s emergency preparedness. Don’t forget to add water preserver to extend the life of your water!

You will also want at least one of the spigots for the 5-gallon Stackable Water Containers.

Official REI Coupons and Rebates page

Date October 26, 2011

Official REI Coupons & Rebates page.

Get FREE GoPro Li-on Battery with purchase GoPro HD or 960 Camera!

Date October 26, 2011

Get FREE GoPro Li-on Battery with purchase GoPro HD or 960 Camera!

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Date October 18, 2011

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Under Armour Men’s UA Charged Cotton® T-shirt

Date October 17, 2011

The much anticipated Under Armour UA Charged Cotton® T-shirt is now available at Cabela’s.

The UA Charged Cotton® T-shirt. It’s your favorite cotton T-shirt…only BETTER.

From the Under Armour web site

Nearly two decades of searching the universe brought us to this: The UA Charged Cotton® T-shirt. We took your go-to cotton T-shirt and literally fused it with UA innovation—alternating hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers—to make the world’s first true performance cotton T-shirt. The result? A game-changing cotton T-shirt that dries 5 times faster than ordinary cotton. So whether you’re going heavy in the gym or taking in the outdoors, this gear’s got you covered. The UA Charged Cotton® T-shirt…Mother Nature Made It. We Made it Better.®