Survival Preparation in Small Spaces: How to Grow and Store in the Space You Have

Date November 1, 2011

Will you be prepared if a disaster strikes where you live? Based on the statistics, the answer is no. Many of you simply will not be ready should a disaster come your way.

This article helps you do just that; prepare for the worst while you hope for the best.

The following is an excerpt from the article. Read the complete post here.

…when I talk to many people who live in the city and live either with minimal land and perhaps apartments, they do not seem prepared or not as prepared as they could be. When I ask if they store or grow any food, they just sort of look at me. When I tell them they should either grow some food or store food not only in case of natural disaster, but even due to inflation and rising prices, the looks become bewildered. They’ll say that they have no place to grow or store food or they may even act as if that is not important to them. But, in this time and day, everyone should prepare some food and essentials.

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