TacStrike 1/4 Scale Steel Target System

Date May 20, 2013

I’ve yet to get my hands on one, but if you want a steel target system that is top notch, look no further than TacStrike. Rob at TacStrike will take good care of you.

My eye is on the TacStrike 1/4 Scale Steel Target System. Here’s the low down.

The TacStrike 1/4 Scale Steel Target System

The TacStrike 1/4 Scale Steel Target System was not designed for the occasional use in a backyard or weekend match. It was designed for Firearms Instructors who are responsible for training thousands of shooters every year and need a Target Line that will stand up to the hundreds of thousands of rounds that will be sent downrange. This means that the average shooter will have their Quarter Scale Steel Target System for a lifetime of use.

TacStrike’s 1/4 Scale Steel Target System was designed over years of training shooters at one of the nations most notarized shooting schools. Pat Goodale and PFT Team Members have coordinated for more than a decade to design the most functional target design on the market. Now on its 6th generation the PFT has reached the pinacle of function and durability.

The AR 500 (brinell hardness of at least 495) plate floats inside of the carrier allowing it to absorb the impact without the need to swing to the rear or rock in the carrier to absorb the bullet impact.

The Upright mounts into the base plates center 2×2 pocket and has an armor plate attached to the front of the post to keep those low rounds from damaging the post.

The base of this target system also holds 1×2 or 2×2 uprights at the right distance apart for a standard IPSC or IPDA target. So there is no longer a need to take multiple bases to the range or redesign your target line if you are the owner of a range. Simply pick the upright and plate out of the base and replace with uprights in the outer pockets. Tension screws are located on the outer pockets to lock in either size wooden upright you are using. Drain holes in the pockets and stake holes in the base arms are also pre-cut for your convienance.

•  Height – 54 inches
•  Weight – 52 pounds
•  Base Width – 22 inches
•  Plate Size – 18 inches x 9.5 inches
•  Ballistic Capability – Rimfire to Centerfire Rifle and Lead Shotgun Loads and Slugs (no steel shot)

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