The AK Ti APOCALYSPORK — The best Titanium Spork I’ve seen yet!

Date November 1, 2011

The AK Ti APOCALYSPORK is forged out of 6AL4V medical grade titanium, handcrafted by a real human being, on handmade dies, right here in the good ol’ USA. And all Ti is sourced from USA made military and aerospace scrap, so they’re green, too! Boy would I love to own one or more of these.

Exo Tube Survival Capsules – Titanium

Date October 15, 2011

If you like Titanium gear you need to check out the “Exo Tube Survival Capsules” made by Esteban at Ti Survival. Ti Survival specializes in custom titanium survival products, such as titanium waterproof capsules, firepistons, kubotans, lighters, spectra spools, ferrocerium firesteels, and knives. Ti Survival products are made with one thing in mind, to last […]