One Handed Tourniquet Application with the SOF Tactical Tourniquet

Date May 30, 2012

From Tactical Medical Solutions, the following video shows several techniques for applying a tourniquet with one hand. You can get the SOF Tactical Tourniquet — Wide from our friends at ITS Tactical.

Travis Haley and Ron Avery – Pistol Drills

Date April 12, 2012

Travis Haley and Ron Avery cover the Triggerstripe Drill. They work on trigger pull and move on to cadence firing with consistent trigger pull. TRIGGERSTRIPE DRILL PART 1 TRIGGERSTRIPE DRILL PART 2 You can download the Practical Shooting Academy target they are using here. It’s designed to provide biofeedback. By shooting along the line either faster […]

Emergency Water Storage — Stackable 5-Gallon Water Container

Date October 26, 2011

Stackable 5-Gallon Water Container Storing emergency water just got a little bit easier! Water is the most important element of survival yet if you are attempting to store a water supply for your family in gallon-sized jugs you may be tempted to skimp on the amount you store in order to have more space. Plus, […]

Water Purification with SteriPEN

Date October 15, 2011

SteriPEN has some of the most innovative products when it comes to water purification. SteriPEN harnesses the brilliant power of ultraviolet light to make water safe to drink. It’s the same technology used by leading bottled water manufacturers, as well as major cities in the U.S., Europe and Asia to purify water. Extensive testing has […]

Video: A Common Man’s Grease Lamp — Dave Canterbury

Date October 15, 2011

In this video, Dave Canterbury of The Pathfinder School, demonstrates how to use a cheap hair care product as fuel for a make shift lamp. This is something you may want to add to your kit. Look no further than Brownells for your Firearm Accessories, Gun Parts and Gunsmithing Tools.